Data Analytics Services

GlobITES serve data analytics Consulting services and support to Enterprise to get benefit from integrated solutions allowing companies to save their time, costs, improve performance and power of decisons making.

Sales Data Analytics

In Enterprise sales is a challenging task in this highly competitive business world a well-measured client behaviour and market conditions would do a certain amount of healing but, produce zero results. In Enterprise Sales team needs the assistance of high-end technology like data analytics to drive high client flow, and GlobITES is the best in delivering these services, our professional data analytics solutions for business will provide detailed customer insights to pitch your niche accordingly.

  • Quick tracking of sales campaigns
  • Predict data analysis of customer behaviour
  • Creates level of customer segmentation
  • Increase Product permotions

Banking Data Analytics

GlobITES Data Analytics provide service to Banking sector which helps organizational success, high performance, efficient risk management and profound decision making for the banking sector in the last few decade. We are professional data analytics service provider in India that enrich banks productivity and enrich customer service experience of bank by deliver great customer service. Our end-to-end banking data analytics service and support ensures the high-end data security in safeguarding customer’s digital assets in banks.

  • Credit Risk management
  • Credit policy management
  • Improve Banking Operations and services
  • Data analytics

Customer Data Analytics

GlobITES Data Analytics provide service helps organizational success understanding of the customer’s interest and to know their exact purchase behavior industries utilities data analytics in their process module to derive actionable insights on their target customer segment. We provides Customer data analytics service to provider companies in the world who help business in obtaining the exact factors that induce their end customers to acquire the services.

  • Customers across all business channels.
  • Assess and understand customer relationship with organization brand.
  • Engage with customers at the right moment.
  • Predict churn rate and assist heir customer in extending their lifetime
  • Analyses customer online purchase behavior and helps to extend sales.

Retail Data Analytics

Retail data Analytics is one of the most challenging industry in the business world with frequent shifts in market trends, however, few retailers are still surviving and meeting customer requirements with the timely transformation to technology-oriented solutions by Retail data analytics. GlobITES provide services using data science enhances retail sales by carrying out a detailed study on three crucial parameters customer mindset, market conditions, and competitor’s strategies.

  • Enhanced Customer experience
  • Improved Strategic Decisions
  • Operational Performance accelerate
  • It helps to reduction cost and predict customer Demands

SCM Data Analytics

GlobITES provide service to SCM segment, it is huge industry which involves several subdomains like transportation, warehousing, and inventory management which requires special focus for each segment to get processed with accurecy. GlobITES provide service with SCM data analytics company who takes complete care of supply chain operations and helps to deliver a product supply on timely basis.

  • Benefits of Data Analytics:
  • Efficient planning and scheduling
  • Improve Order optimization
  • Enhance Supply chain Execution

Healthcare Data Analytics

GlobITES provide service to Healthcare data analytics service into the healthcare industry caters multiple benefits for the related stakeholders (provider, professionals and patients) by delivering accurate insights by implemented in hospital on the whole by highly influencing on patient record maintenance, cost management, diagnosis, and overall hospital billing management.

Analytics IT Solutions

GlobITES provide service to data analytics service into the Business by delivering accurate insights using modern technologies.

R provide Statistical and graphical representation of data to improve orgnisations Decison making.
SAS is leading Statistical and graphical tool to represent data for orgnisations.
Microsoft Excel helps business to represent data in quick manner.
Data Analytics services to better serve your needs