Big-Data & Data-warehouse Services

GlobITES Big-data services provide end to end Big data & DWH (Data Lake) solutions to the Enterprise with professional business analysts and expert technology consultants to deliver big data projects to business. GlobITES help business to design cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions that convert your big data into actionable insights and big data service empowered through professional strategic analytics services:

  • Real-Time Data-warehouse Development & Support service.
  • Big Data Consulting Services.
  • Big Data Solutions, Development and Support.



Big-Data Services

Big data consulting

GlobITES offer consulting services to eliminate the data problem by implement concept to empowered big data analytics and big data DWH solutions to the Enterprise. We implement Data science to enable advance analytics approach to various reports which give in-depth business solution.

Big Data Development

GlobITES offer big data development implementation includes various level of service i.e. Data lake solution, Big-data warehouse, Extract Transformation and load processes, OLAP cubes, based on business needed develop Reports and dashboards. GlobITES offer data quality management and data science modals with ML and deep learning algorithms.

Big Data support

GlobITES provide support services to the business by providing the DWH administration solution which includes various level of support and services as updating software, adding new users, handling permissions more as well as data cleaning and more at BDM administration the huge volume of data backup, data restore, data recovery in case of failure ensure data solution for Big data process.

Big data analytics services

GlobITES as a service provide big data analytics to business. Data Analytics provide transparent collaboration Dashboard based on KPIs, ensure the valuable Big data analytics insight of business. We support the infrastructure for big data solution, and get Enterprise data extracted and cleaned, and machine learning models (if any) test and improve performance. We provide on-going improvement to the big data solution and manage it according to the business need on ad-hoc basis.

Data Warehouse(DWH) Services

Data governance Service

GlobITES render design data governance strategies and create policies describing user roles, rights and responsibilities and data. Strategies aim to provide a transparent enterprise DWH approach to capturing, storing, processing and accessing data.

Data quality service

GlobITES deliver data with high quality data by overcome by data quality issue such as duplicate, incomplete, erroneous or obsolete data.

Data Integration Service

GlobITES provide Integration service to build solid Data Warehouse and the integrated data can represent the consistent detail of the Enterprise. GlobITES expert team can integrate data flows from disparate data sources. By implementation of best practice GlobITES can come up with BI and Big Data architecture as well as a data warehouse or a data lake design.

Data Migration Service

GlobITES provide data migration service by performing best data migration approach. Based on the assessment to identify sensitive and critical data and to speed up the migration process and minimize mistakes, GlobITES professional services make the process as automated as possible. Provide audit detail report to ensure no data losses during migration.

Data Extraction Service

GlobITES data extraction services help Enterprise to extract data for business whether data is structure or not. Data can be retrieve from multiple sources system, load it into a data warehouse or a data lake and transform it according to business requirement.

Data Security

GlobITES evaluate the capacity and reliability of the existing DWH architecture and technology stack as well as solution in ways to improve the security of Enterprise data. To ensure that your data is secure and only authorized to users, we provide services to business specifics and apply best practices to review existing approach to enterprise Data management.

Big Data & DWH IT Solutions

GlobITES provide Big Data & DWH Solutions and Services using modern applications tools.

Big-Data Application
Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Hadoop, Hive, HBASE, Pig, Sqoop and more
No-SQL Cassandra, MongoDB, Kudu, CouchBase, Teradata, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 and more.
ETL Applications
Informatica, DataStage, SSIS, SAS Data Studio, Talend and more.
Allow us to serve you better Big data and Real time Dataware house Services